What are The Sportsman's Seasons?

Are you ready for an adventure?

The Sportsman's Seasons contains thrilling stories, that will not only excite the mind and take you to the places you love to be, but they will also equip the soul, in order for you to be the man that God intended you to be.

Encouraging and transforming studies accompany these exhilarating stories. The truths explored in these lessons will prepare you for all seasons.

The Sportsman's Seasons are perfectly suited for individual use as well as group study. Regardless of the setting in which this book is used, the result will always be the same: the transformation of men!

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Introduction to Season One

Season OneWelcome to season one. The seasons of a sportsman’s life take many paths, trails and streams. Some hunt only one type of game, others hunt anything that walks, flies, crawls or runs. Some fish for anything they can get to bite. You may recognize this man, or you may be this man, if so you know about seasons. There are also seasons in life.

Many of you may be in the beginning of your outdoor adventures; others are now in the middle of the seasons of life, and some of you are in the mature years. One thing that you will probably agree is that being in the outdoors hunting and fishing crosses all ages from 8 to 108. There is a comradely among those who dress in camo and hang on trees. Those that have white eyes where their sun glasses rested during a day on the lake, throwing a plug or spinner bait. We are all part of these seasons.

Campfire StoriesOne part of this material is the adventures called Campfire Stories. These are stories from our lives. They are modeled  after the way Jesus used stories in the parables.

Bible BinocularsA common theme that runs through all the studies is Bible Binoculars. We chose this name because binoculars are used to bring things up close so it can be examined. Our intent is a strong Biblical presence, not just stories. Our purpose is that the Word of God transforms our lives and those that we come in contact with.

This material is intended to foster friendships among men as we share our outdoor experiences with others and challenge each other in the faith. Bring a buddy along on the adventure.

Checking StationAlso you will find reflective questions called The Checking Station scattered throughout and/or at the end of each lesson.

You will find Limiting Out at the end of each lesson for review and further spiritual application.

Field TipYou will have at the end of each lesson a Field Tip.

You will also discover a Season of Growth. Season of Growth

If you have a suggestion, a comment, a testimony or a story to tell please send it to us at support@thesportsmansseasons.com.

Enjoy the season.